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Keira Knightley Daily!

For all your Keira licking needs

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Welcome to Keira_daily! Please take a moment to read the rules before joining.

-'Daily' may be a bit of a misnomer, seven years on. We're now a moderated community, and I make no guarantee of how often posts will appear.

-This is a pictures only community. There are other communities for talking about Keira Knightley, so take your conversations there. Every post must contain a picture or it will not be approved.

-No hot-linking. Hot-linking causes trouble for the list maintainers and it will make them very angry. PhotoBucket is a free, very good image host. If you don't want to use that, you can send the pictures to dreamiflame@livejournal.com and I'll upload them to my account so you can post them. We really mean it with the no hot-linking thing. Two warnings and you're banned.

-No flaming. We're all reasonable people, hopefully. Let's prove that, shall we.

-Multiple pictures (more than three), pictures that are not safe for work (nudity or partial nudity), or very large pictures (larger than 500 pixels across) should be placed under a lj-cut. Info on how to use them is here.

-This is not an icon community. All posts with icons must contain at least one regular picture or they will be deleted. Please be sure to use a lj-cut for larger batches of icons. Wallpapers/artwork/banners/etc are the same way: one regular picture as well.

-Please check with me before posting any community or website promotion. This can get you banned if you post promotions too many times without permission.

-You may post links to discussions in your own journal if they relate to a movie Keira's been in, as long as the post (in this community) contains a picture. You may not use the community itself for movie discussions. If you'd really like to discuss things about Keira, I would suggest one of our affiliates.

-If you're posting something that you think might spoil a movie etc for someone else, use a cut and warn for spoilers. It's terrible when people spoil my enjoyment of something by being careless. Alternately, if you think someone has posted a spoiler, leave a comment for me on one of my posts, not the post itself. Sometimes you spoil more people by yelling about something being a spoiler than the original picture might have done on its own.

-If you have any problem or complaints, you can get in touch with me at dreamiflame@livejournal.com.

-There's a list of FAQ over here. Check them out if you'd like.

I think that's all. Enjoy.

dreamiflame maintainer.

xiggy89x made our lovely header.

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